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Okavango Horse Back Safari

Botswana - Okavango


okavango horse safaris

Okavango Horse Safaris are highly personalised safaris in the remote central region of Botswana's Okavango Delta.

This vast inland delta, one of Southern Africa's most enigmatic river systems, lies like an emerald jewel on the edge of the great Kalahari desert, an astonishing maze of papyrus lined waterways, meadows and woodland rich in birdlife and game.

On horse back you can venture further into the delta and get closer to the wildlife than you can on foot.

Imagine yourself mounted high above the long grass and reeds watching great herds of zebra, wildebeest and lechwe as they move across golden floodplains and the breathtaking excitement when your silent progress along game trails used only by the animals brings you upon a herd of buffalo or a family group of elephant.

Cantering alongside the elegant motion of a giraffe is an experience you will never forget and the only sounds you will hear, as the wind soughs though the long grass and rattles the palms, are the fisheagle's haunting cry, the splash of a disappearing crocodile and the faraway drumming of hooves.

Riding ability: Minimum riding ability required is mastery of the basic aids, ability to post to the trot for stretches of 10 minutes at a time, to be comfortable at all paces and to be able to gallop out of trouble. It is a great advantage if you are a fit and a proficient rider.

Type of horse: Full and part Thoroughbred, Pure Arab, Anglo Arab, American Saddle Bred. Between 14 and 17 hands. Well-schooled, responsive and even temperament. There is a wide range of horses (over 50 ) suitable for the competition rider to a steady hack. Every effort is made to match horse and rider.

Accommodation at base camp consists of comfortable tents each with veranda and en-suite bathrooms.