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KaingU safari Lodge

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KaingU Safari Lodge

KaingU Safari Lodge is situated in an area of pristine wilderness offering a magnificent game experience in the heart of the African bush. The river ensures that there is something for everyone to do. Fishing, bird watching, canoeing and game watching are always special on a river like the Kafue.

KaingU Safari Lodge comprises luxuriously appointed safari tents set under thatch and placed on raised platforms overlooking the river. Each unit has en-suite ablution facilities with hot and cold running water and 12 Volt solar lighting, and are carefully positioned to assure privacy, safety and integration with the surrounding vegetation.

We are an activities-based operation where you can be busy all the time - "you set the pace". You may just want to sit back relaxing and enjoying the environment around you, that too is fine. If you so wish you can also go out to be alone and reconnect with your soul...

Our emphasis is on "discovery" - about the environment, the animals, the local people and even maybe about yourself...

There are an absolute abundance of organised and ad hoc activities to participate in at Kaingu Safari Lodge. No guarantees are made as to the varieties and numbers of plants and animals to be seen but they are all there for those, "who have the eyes to see and the ears to listen" - this with the help of experienced guides, rich in folklore and knowledge of nature's wonders.

KaingU safari Lodge

Activities include

Guided Walks
River Walks
Fishing Excursions
River Cruises
Game Viewing
Day trips to Busanga Plains
Sundowner Excursions
Archaeological & Historical Outings
Specialist Birding
Lepidopterist Expeditions (Seasonal)
Nocturnal Safaris
Day trips to lake Itezhi-tezhi & Ngoma area

At KaingU Safari Lodge, the Kafue River splits into a maze of channels creating foaming rapids and a myriad of islands and gorges. At one point, this huge river disappears underground entirely - under a jumble of rocks - before it rejoins and continues south to Itezhi-tezhi, where it is dammed to create a massive 370 kilometre square lake. The waters of the Kafue are home to large numbers of hippopotami, crocodiles and water monitors, while rocky bays and stretches of submerged trees within the lake itself, provide perfect perches for the many water birds inhabiting the area - fish eagles, cormorants, spoonbills and the stately goliath Heron. Birdwatching in the area is superb; especially on the rivers and the dambo's. Other notables include the wattled crane, purple crested loerie, Narina trogon and Pel's fishing owl. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded throughout the park. The Kafue and Lunga Rivers offer superb fishing opportunities and are an angler's paradise, especially good for bream, barbel (catfish) and fresh water pike.

KaingU safari Lodge

The northern sector is well known for its Sitatunga, Red Lechwe, solid-rumped Defassa waterbuck and the ubiquitous Puku.

The southern and central sectors are well known for Roan, big herds of Sable, Oribi, Eland, and Lichtenstein's hartebeest. Cheetah are often seen in the Nanzhila Plains. Elephants are most likely to be found around Ngoma and Chunga.

Large prides of lion, solitary leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and the African wild dog are the prime predators of Kafue. The lion prides of this area are unique in that they have developed the habit of climbing trees. The wealth of game on the plains are a big attraction for lions and prides of up to twenty can be spotted, while families of cheetah regularly roam the plains. Leopard are particularly prevalent amongst the rocky outcrops found around Kaingu Safari Lodge. There are a host of smaller carnivores, from the side-striped jackal, civet, genet and various mongoose, also inhabiting the Park.

Other species found in the Park include the rare and secretive yellow-backed duiker, common duiker, kudu, grysbok, impala, herds of tsessebe, zebra and buffalo - making for a full menu of antelope.

Bush pig and warthog are also resident along the rivers and dambo's. The shy swamp-dwelling Sitatunga is found more in the north, its widespread hooves enabling it to walk on the floating reedmats. Roan antelope are seen regularly in the northern sector as well as big herds of sable 30-40 strong. Serval, hyena, jackal, yellow baboon, vervet monkey, porcupine, civet, genet and many species of mongoose round off the regular animal kingdom of the area with the only visible absentees being the giraffe and rhino.

All these animals are present at or close to KaingU Safari Lodge.